Thursday, June 17, 2010


So I printed next year’s school calendar today and while noting the day they start… when breaks were going to occur…their last day, etc…I skimmed over the graduation dates for all three Moore schools because that is what I have always done when I print this calendar every year…and then it hit me! This date is MY baby’s graduation date from high school! It is not a date for the parents of the Seniors to note, as it has been in the past…this year…it’s mine to put in the calendar and it just about breaks my heart!! However premature it may seem…it is killing me!!

On a little less depressing note…I haven’t had time to post in a while, even though I have several things to share…so I will start with my not so little baby boy. This summer started out like always…baseball and basketball every day. And what was really awesome is that even though Caleb had a few rough games the beginning of the season…he started just lighting it up! And for us moms who stress and get sick every time our son’s up to bat because we don’t want them to feel disappointment in themselves if they are not perfect in everything they do…or maybe that is just moms with perfectionist children and with a little bit of those tendencies themselves…okay – another needed post…anyways…life on the bleachers is so much better when they are just rocking the ball!!

I have more baseball pics to a later date...when I have lots of time on my hands...what-ev!

And of course you know when things are rocking along and going well that something is gonna have to happen...sounds kinda pessimistic huh? (...sooo, that must be where Caleb gets it :o) Andddd...during the first game of a double header last week, Caleb was stuffed on an inside pitch and instead of just turning into it and wearing it...he had visions of driving it down the third base line...only that wasn't to be...and the pitch caught him straight on the thumb...broke the bone completely in two...and because he played the rest of that game (batting two more times) and 4 of the 5 innings they played in the next game...the bone was displaced and we were sweating it because we thought they were going to have to do surgery...but there was a good news when the ortho doc said he thought it would go ahead and heal without having to do the surgery...and were we ever so glad! Caleb is now sporting a black cast for the rest of summer...which now has silver flowers and pretties all over it thanks to his good friend Rachel!

I still think he is trying to figure out how to make wakeboarding happen even with the cast...Lord...I am needing an extra supply of patience! Thank you and Amen!