Monday, May 24, 2010

How is the eating more healthy going you ask?

Well let me tell you…I must say I am proud of both Dave and myself...if I do say so…which I do. We are really making an overall effort to be more conscience of our decisions concerning what goes into our mouths and you know what…I feel better…I am sure that Dave does too but I won’t speak for him as I am sure he wants to blog about it himself. Really? Noooo – not really :o)

Anywho…there have been a few issues I have had with our new way of eating… 1) I am not a meat lover…but in order to get the balanced meals we need and also the protein and so my husband does not go out in search of a new wife that will provide meat for him at his meals ;-) …eating meat is basically essential to my success & marriage, soooo I eat meat. I do try to find different ways to prepare it and that has been fun. But I have also dabbled in the world of veggie meat! As the rest of my family would say…EEEWWWW! But the funny thing is…I have liked it for the most part. I love the California burgers because to me, they taste like egg rolls. I know a lot of people don’t like egg rolls but I love them. And when I was comparing frozen egg rolls you buy at the store…I found they were almost identical in nutrition as the veggie burgers…I was pumped about that because I love them and I feel like I am getting to eat bread so it makes it even better. Of course, I just heat mine up in the microwave or the oven…sorry…no frying.

2) I don’t let myself eat hardly any bread…although I did buy some all grain bread in hopes that I can allow myself a slice or so per week…I really have been surprised at myself as to how I have been able to just walk away from bread…it was a large portion of my life people. But as I have said…it is my evil nemesis and therefore must be destroyed. Especially potato bread…I mean come on…I know that all the gyms and trainers of the world got together and invented potato bread in order to make sure they had never ending customers…I mean we don’t have enough carbs in bread or potatoes by themselves…noooo…we need to add them together! But have you tasted a piece of fresh potato bread??? Well enough thinking and talking about that!! If I don’t think or talk about it…it just doesn’t exist. Right? Everyone please nod your head! Thank you for understanding!

3) I love desserts and I do miss them tremendously! I not only miss eating sweets but I miss finding new recipes and experimenting…and also sharing my finds with others so they get that…’I am a slave to sugar too look on their faces’…makes me feel better about myself…not so alone but just a bigger part of the sugar freaks anonymous. So, yesterday, we went out with Steve and Jeannie Simpson…friends from college who live in MO now and whom we hardly ever get to see. (Miss you guys and had such a great time getting to catch up!! Caleb is already trying to plan which game he is coming to see :o) We decided to go to Orange Leaf (formally Orange Tree.) So here is a place where my children & friends frequent often and also a place I have avoided like the plague. But…friends are in town…we want to go out for ice cream…okie dookie…so off we went…while we were dvring the Lost finale…which we all watched after we got home at 10:30…yes we did not go to bed until after 1am on a school/work night…okay…that’s a different post… Short and simple…peanut butter frozen yogurt…with bananas…with granola…with some caramel topping drizzled just so so…well my heart almost could not bear it. I have not had any dessert (well I did try to make cheesecake out of some weird healthy stuff and while it wasn’t like gaggy to eat…it wasn’t categorized as dessert by any stretch of the imagination and was pretty much all thrown away…) for over two months and I will just come out and say…
Hi: My name is Kristy & I am a sugaroholic. I have admitted myself back into the 12-step program and will be attending counseling sessions in order to block out the memories of what I believe to be the absolute yummiest frozen yogurt I have ever tasted!!! (Did I say I haven’t had any dessert in 2 months…okay…just making sure I clarified that :o)

So with that being said…I will leave you with this…yes I ate frozen yogurt this weekend (not to mention all the Starbuck visits…hey!! ~ all made skinny and with splendageesh…let me live a little will ya?) and NO…I did not do one bit of exercise outside of sitting my tail end on bleachers for most of the weekend. No I do not feel guilty in the least…because I did not get on the scale this morning therefore, there is nothing to feel guilty about. Thank you for not judging me…

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Prom 2010

Well I haven't blogged in a while because life tends to get busy :o) But I also have guilt that Caleb's grandparents had to look at prom pics on Dave's I am going to post a few of the 400 pics I took :o)

This is the first one of them together at Lindsey's house. They're such cuties! And bless Lindsey's heart...and her mom and dad...she is an officer and therefore not only planned the whole prom with the other Jr officers but also had to be there to set it up and take it all down. Her parents and grandma were there for the setup and take down too...they are such troopers!!

At Lindsey's house before they all went to Jake's. It is really nice that Lindsey lives right around the corner...especially when it came to breakfast time :o)

Everyone meets at Jake's to take pics...their house and landscaping is so beautiful!

This picture makes me laugh...they were such sport for letting me play :o)

I rarely get Caleb to smile like this! He had such a fun night with Lindsey and all their friends. After prom, they all went back over to Jake's and had an after-prom party.

This is my most favorite pic!!

Caleb being Mr. Coolio

Before getting in the limo.

And then there was 4am...oh my geez! Ashtyn and I actually had gone to bed around midnight so were able to sleep a couple of hours. Greg and Lisa (Lindsey's parents) were such troopers because they actually were at the Cowboy Hall of Fame cleaning up prom at midnight and then came home and got all of the food ready for the crew. Ashtyn felt bad because she wasn't home to take pics before with Caleb and Lindsey so she told me that she would get up to help with breakfast. I thought...sure you will...but she did and didn't even go back to sleep afterwards. Not me...I went back to sleep after problem. But of course, it probably had something to do with the Rock Star she drank!

This is the last pic of Caleb for the night. I had bought him a case (4) of Monsters to drink so he would be able to stay awake all night. I don't usually like them drinking them but I also knew he would be a bear...and even though they did keep him awake...he was definitely done when breakfast was over...I think that was pretty much the concensus all around. They are such great kids and I am so glad they had a great night!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So Ashtyn's track season was plagued by injuries...mainly due to basketball :o) (And you wonder why the track coaches discourage additional sports during track and xcountry season.)
She actually started track season with a sprained ankle and was not able to practice during the first of the season. Once she was able to start running again, she played in a weekend basketball tournament and pulled her quad muscle. That pretty much put her out for the second half of the season.

She was able to start running a week and a half before their conference meet. Only running in time trials the week before, she ran one event in that week's meet.

The following week was Conference and her first race in the meet was a 4x8. That is 4/800's - relay. Ashtyn ran the second leg and the girl had a 50 meter lead on the time they finished their leg, Ashtyn had about a 100 meter lead. She created such a substantial lead, the coaches had the other two girls slow down who ran legs after Ashtyn, in order to save energy for the races to come. So WM girls started out strong and took first place in the 4x8 as well as a couple other short distance races early in the meet. Ashtyn also ran another individual 800 where she got 5th. The race was only a couple races after the 4x8, so she had little recovery time. I was worried she would be upset because if you know Ashtyn, you know she does not deal well with not medaling :o) But she was good because she knew she had put everything into that first race and for someone who hadn't basically trained all season...she had a great conference meet. The coaches also put her in a 200 meter race on the fly as well in order to try to obtain more points to secure the overall win. She placed 3rd! And even better...the Westmoore girls ended up winning the overall Conference!!! So proud of those girls!

Here are some pics of the season:

This is the Moore War meet!

Talking to coach Taylor. These three girls and Rylie who runs shorter distance during track season, have an awesome chance at winning State in high school cross country! They are beasts at long distance!!!

Conference Meet!

Nerves before her leg of the 4x8...

Just got the handoff...

This is where she catches the girl who had the lead and pulls ahead on the 4x8. So proud of her!

It's over? Really?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Room Redo

So about three years ago, we redid Ashtyn's room. It was fun but in order to put up the wall paper, I had to sand off all the texture on the bottem half of her room...and let me just say...I will never, ever, ever! do it again. Did I say never? First off, I didn't even think about covering the vents to her room and...well let's just say it was a mistake that I learned greatly from. Anywho...three, very short in my opinion, years later...Ashtyn is convinced that her current decorations are just too young for her. And guess what else..."I really want texture back on my walls too mom"...blink...deep breaths..."Do you remember what I went through to get the texture off your walls???" "Sure mom...but I need something that will look good if I want to antique over the paint..."which gave me another moments pause before I said..."go to time out!" Okay! So that doesn't work with a fourteen year old...fine!! Then I'll just go to my own time out!!!
So after much time spent in my personal "time outs" and about 30 eye rolls later...not Ashtyn's, mine!!...every time the subject came up...I relented and allowed her to start picking out paint. And while Dave was away, we started pulling down wall paper. (We have to plan major redo's to coincide with business is the secret to a long and happy marraige!

So here was the old...makes me a little sad...

And down comes the wall paper...what a messy job...border is easy...its the rest of the wall that gets ya. Border just pulls off all together...the pull and get an inch and a half strip and you think how long is this gonna take if it comes off an inch at a time. Luckily we found better remover but I always remind myself during these projects that I am hiring out next time...yet somehow I forget the frustration and am ready to tackle another project in no time. I think women are made that way...the whole forgetting thing...or else we would never even dream of having a second child after what we go through with the's the forgetting trait and it allows us to also believe our children when they tell us that redo'ing their room won't be hard at all...

I had to go ahead and take some pics of the decorations as they are all's nice to have memories of what was...and this sign pretty much sums it up about Ashtyn. Her brother will confirm if there are any doubts.

This is one of her dressers...isn't it fun what a little paint and a sharpie marker will do?? I have no shame...if a sharpie marker will do the job...that's what I use :o)

That is what is fun about do it yourself can pretty much do whatever you want and not feel bad about it....

Side view...

After all the wall paper was down...kinda sad!
And here is the new progress.... you can see, she went from a hot pink to a now....RED RED RED.

Stay tuned for the finished product...