Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Prom 2010

Well I haven't blogged in a while because life tends to get busy :o) But I also have guilt that Caleb's grandparents had to look at prom pics on Dave's phone...so I am going to post a few of the 400 pics I took :o)

This is the first one of them together at Lindsey's house. They're such cuties! And bless Lindsey's heart...and her mom and dad...she is an officer and therefore not only planned the whole prom with the other Jr officers but also had to be there to set it up and take it all down. Her parents and grandma were there for the setup and take down too...they are such troopers!!

At Lindsey's house before they all went to Jake's. It is really nice that Lindsey lives right around the corner...especially when it came to breakfast time :o)

Everyone meets at Jake's to take pics...their house and landscaping is so beautiful!

This picture makes me laugh...they were such sport for letting me play :o)

I rarely get Caleb to smile like this! He had such a fun night with Lindsey and all their friends. After prom, they all went back over to Jake's and had an after-prom party.

This is my most favorite pic!!

Caleb being Mr. Coolio

Before getting in the limo.

And then there was breakfast...at 4am...oh my geez! Ashtyn and I actually had gone to bed around midnight so were able to sleep a couple of hours. Greg and Lisa (Lindsey's parents) were such troopers because they actually were at the Cowboy Hall of Fame cleaning up prom at midnight and then came home and got all of the food ready for the crew. Ashtyn felt bad because she wasn't home to take pics before with Caleb and Lindsey so she told me that she would get up to help with breakfast. I thought...sure you will...but she did and didn't even go back to sleep afterwards. Not me...I went back to sleep after breakfast...no problem. But of course, it probably had something to do with the Rock Star she drank!

This is the last pic of Caleb for the night. I had bought him a case (4) of Monsters to drink so he would be able to stay awake all night. I don't usually like them drinking them but I also knew he would be a bear...and even though they did keep him awake...he was definitely done when breakfast was over...I think that was pretty much the concensus all around. They are such great kids and I am so glad they had a great night!

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  1. Great pictures!!! U are turning into quite the photographer!!! Caleb is so handsome. So glad it was a great night for them and Lindsey is gorgeous!!! :)