Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So Ashtyn's track season was plagued by injuries...mainly due to basketball :o) (And you wonder why the track coaches discourage additional sports during track and xcountry season.)
She actually started track season with a sprained ankle and was not able to practice during the first of the season. Once she was able to start running again, she played in a weekend basketball tournament and pulled her quad muscle. That pretty much put her out for the second half of the season.

She was able to start running a week and a half before their conference meet. Only running in time trials the week before, she ran one event in that week's meet.

The following week was Conference and her first race in the meet was a 4x8. That is 4/800's - relay. Ashtyn ran the second leg and the girl had a 50 meter lead on the time they finished their leg, Ashtyn had about a 100 meter lead. She created such a substantial lead, the coaches had the other two girls slow down who ran legs after Ashtyn, in order to save energy for the races to come. So WM girls started out strong and took first place in the 4x8 as well as a couple other short distance races early in the meet. Ashtyn also ran another individual 800 where she got 5th. The race was only a couple races after the 4x8, so she had little recovery time. I was worried she would be upset because if you know Ashtyn, you know she does not deal well with not medaling :o) But she was good because she knew she had put everything into that first race and for someone who hadn't basically trained all season...she had a great conference meet. The coaches also put her in a 200 meter race on the fly as well in order to try to obtain more points to secure the overall win. She placed 3rd! And even better...the Westmoore girls ended up winning the overall Conference!!! So proud of those girls!

Here are some pics of the season:

This is the Moore War meet!

Talking to coach Taylor. These three girls and Rylie who runs shorter distance during track season, have an awesome chance at winning State in high school cross country! They are beasts at long distance!!!

Conference Meet!

Nerves before her leg of the 4x8...

Just got the handoff...

This is where she catches the girl who had the lead and pulls ahead on the 4x8. So proud of her!

It's over? Really?

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