Sunday, August 1, 2010

Still here...

Needing to post some kind of an update because life certainly passes by quickly doesn’t it? What has been going on with us? Well…..

Caleb cut his cast of like 2 minutes after he got it (more like 3 weeks but still)…xrays this week showed that it is healing good but still is about 3 or 4 weeks out from being totally healed. So of course Caleb’s list of activities since then has been softball…capture the flag…etc. “Mom…what are the chances that I would reinjure that one spot on my body causing it to rebreak?” blink…blink again… “Fine Caleb…do whatever you think is best…” “Okay then…capture the flag it is!” said with a little too much enthusiasm I might add. (Little does he know that if he does rebreak it…he may just have a thumb that points the wrong direction for life! I sound real mean huh?)

Caleb did however have a great time in Seattle where he went on a mission trip with the youth group. They were working with younger kiddos and two different churches there in the area. They put on a sports camp the week they were there which was right up Caleb’s alley since he loves sports and is so gifted with kids. He has now decided that we are all moving to Seattle…the end.

Ashtyn as you can imagine is as silly as ever and has just about played more basketball in the last two months than her whole life - combined…and as an old person…can I just tell you that bleachers are not easy on a person’s backside? She has also started cross-country practice, which consists of her running anywhere from 3 to 5 miles M-T at 7 am and lifting weights etc. She experienced her first ice bath this week and said she almost cried b-cuz it hurt so badly. While submerged…one of the football coaches asked her if she had watched Titanic…and said well now you know how Jack felt. She said it was awful but was sad they didn’t have it out the next day to do it again :o) I think the difference she felt in her muscles made a believer out of her and has in the end outweighed the pain in her mind.

Dave is loving his job right now and I am so glad for him! He continues to play racquetball almost every morning and now after playing for several hours, has started running at the indoor track. This is the man who has over the years adamantly refused to run with me…ever…for any reason! He now decides that for his birthday, he wanted Nike + shoes and since getting them has now started to log his running efforts. How awesome!

As for me, can I just confess that my garden is just a big ole mess!!! I have failed miserably and feel so so sad about it! Part of me wonders if I should just wait until my kids are out of school - when summer sports do not take up so much time…because I hate this feeling of failure! And I have to say…there are just not enough hours in the day…and if there were more hours they would be smack dab in the middle of the hottest most miserable times anyways…I’m a little sick of the hot weather…can you tell?

So long and short…life is good and we are, as always, so blessed! God is made evident in His daily blessings if we just make sure we are paying attention…I just pray I don’t miss the majority of what is going on before me and give Him the glory he so deserves! What a mighty God we serve! Sometimes I am just overwhelmed by the abundance that He provides while also wanting to understand and recognize this in all seasons of my life and not just when things are calm. For it is in the storms where His greatest work is done in my heart! Thank you for the storms Lord for you are always faithful!!!


  1. U know what's funny is I can hear you saying all of this as you type it. When I read it I hear your voice talking...I know...strange huh? I love your are such a good mom and a great example to me.

  2. i miss you too momma...i'll be you!!!! : ) (the end!)