Saturday, March 20, 2010

Peaceful Easy Feelin

Don't you just love when it snows and you have no where to be and nothing to do? The fire is lit and the entire family is home with no plans. And that is something that doesn't happen too often around here anymore.

I love just listening to everyone as they watch an episode of The listening to my son belly laugh because he doesn't do that near enough know...being a man and all now. It really is just the small things and I am thankful for the day we get to spend together...

But snow??? really??? It was like 75 degrees yesterday...and then...snow. It is no wonder my sinuses are whacked out to the extreme right now. But I did get both my raised beds built, the grass removed and the rest of the garden tilled. I can't tell you that Dave is thrilled about the raised beds...but he is his ever easy-going self and lets me do pretty much whatever I want :o) We really were made for each other...have I ever said that? I think I have :O)

Ashtyn's room is a different story! I really wanted to have it done by the time my vacation was over but with working outside, ball games and just everything else that gets in the way...her room just didn't fit. Because of that, I have decided that we are going to have one of Dave's friend do the texturing and painting. It's what he does for a living and he is giving us an unbelievable deal on the labor. So much so that it just isn't worth the pain and suffering of doing it myself :o) (thanks Steph for substantiating that fact for me and I am sending good thoughts your way for a speedy finish to your bathroom project!! I know it will be great!)

I have been taking pictures along the way of all these projects and will be posting as they progress...but for now I am just gonna sit here under my comfy blanket and finish watching Dwight and Michael throw trash at each other :oP

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  1. Glad I could convince you not to do it! It is a small bathroom so It wasn't that bad..but a whole room...good grief! Smart girl..if you got a good deal..DO IT!! I so want to plan a day to come to OKC to see you. I would like to take my kids to the Memorial also. Maybe we could all meet for dinner or something. I don't know. Anyway...we are painting today! Can't wait to show you!!