Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well today I enrolled my baby into high school...I just finished helping my firstborn enroll for his Senior year and my husband is traipsing around in another country...I am a little lost. I think I might spend too much time worrying about the future (ya think?) Like what happens when there are no basketball games/meets or arctic baseball games to attend? Ok - so I know it isn't arctic but it is dang cold people!! Baseball really should not be allowed to start until mid-April...I am just sayin!

I have really just been hangdog lately about the fact of how fast life goes by and that I can't stop it. It is good though to think about it because it means that you don't take as much for granted and also hopefully try to make more lasting memories. That is what I want most...memories that my kids will always have and be able to hold dear...that is why I am really trying to promote a hike up Pikes Peak (maybe this summer.) Wouldn't that just be the funnest trip and an awesome memory for our family to share? Well unless we get mauled by a bear...then that's maybe not such a good memory :o)

So to all my friends who have young ones...I know I sound like a broken record... but ... don't miss "it" whatever "it" might be today. And for all my friends who have older kids that told me over and over not to stress the little things because you will miss them before you know it...I concede!!...you were so wise!!

And finally to my Canadian defected husband...I miss my best friend and am ready for him to come home now!


  1. Kristy...I can't believe you will have a Sr. oh my! I think I need to make a day trip down this summer and hang with you! That would be fun!! You have an amazing family. love you!

  2. Hey! Good to find your blog too! I know!!! In this post!!! It's sooo true! I can't even imagine enrolling for high school!?!? And I know it's going so fast. And me being sappy doesn't help ~ at all!
    But hey... it's in these times that we stop and slow down and soak it up a little more than we would have if we weren't so sappy. Right?!?

  3. ps. you don't want to know the memory I have of you from way back then ~ lol! It was at Kari Wade's house. You in the bathroom. Kari and the rest of us on the outside of the bathroom door (Kari coaching you, and us cheering you on).
    Do you remember that?
    I've said to much. You can delete this if you want ~ Ha!