Monday, September 27, 2010


So I sorta took a little hiatus from blogging as the summer is just cuh-razy!! For the last month and a half...I've been hit and miss when it comes to even reading the blogs I follow. And ya wanna know what? I miss my blog people :o) Sometimes life can just become overwhelming and often times we do it to ourselves, don't we? Need one more event scheduled this week?...why not, throw it in...we can manage. But pretty soon we meet ourselves coming and going and we look back and was a blur!

Blurs become months and months become years and pretty soon you have a son who is a senior and your baby girl's in high school as well and the far off worry of "what in the world is going to fill up my time when they're gone" really isn't so far off anymore!

Don't miss it...I know its like a mantra of mine and believe me...I am chanting it to myself more than to anyone who happens by :o)

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