Monday, September 27, 2010

Stillwater Jamboree

Yes...I did enter the city limits of Stillwater...and yes it was difficult for me to say the least. I just have to remember it's for Ashtyn and know that she will one day remember the great pains she inflicted on her family & friends for the sake of cheering her on and be grateful. And if she doesn't remember, I will be sure to remind her :o)

This is, outside of their state championship meet, the largest meet they run during cross country season. There a schools from states all over that come to run in it. And I am telling you...there are people everywhere. They actually have the college meet earlier in the morning so it was fun for them to get to watch the college age compete. So I just have to take some time to
brag...Ashtyn is on a mission. The girl has PR'd at her last two races and has jumped from battling for the 7th and last varsity position to being 4th last week and now after the OSU meet finishing 2nd on varsity. She finished 27th overall, but when all the TX and other out of state runners were removed, she was 13th in the state. I am so proud at the level she is competing as a Freshman. Her coach is now wanting her to really focus on becoming All State this year! That is one of the top ten runners in the state. It makes me want to puke...but I will cheer her on even while I dry heave on the side of the course.

The girls did finish 3rd overall but of course the teams that beat them were from Texas...and so we will just say we are getting super excited about the State meet which is Oct 30th this year and barring any injuries or illness (just knocked on wood)...we are going in favored to win at this point! Our biggest competition was Jenks and Edmond North...which both tied with one another at the OSU meet...we beat them both by 50 points!!! I am just so proud and happy for this group of girls and just so glad for their coach that is such a tremendous example to them in everything she does!

Here are some more pics!

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  1. So proud of her!! And you my friend are taking some pretty stinkin good pics there!! Love you!