Friday, September 4, 2009


Well...actually posting a blog has been sorta intimidating for me. Which is silly because it truly is more for my family and myself than trying to impress the masses. My family must still continue to love me by default so what am I worried about? So here it goes...

This is coming on my absolute favorite time of the year. There is a certain freshness with Fall that is just so endearing to me. The crisp autumn air is something I long for during the hot tedious summer days and it is coming...I can feel it in my bones. With Fall comes one of my most favorite football. I am a sports kinda girl...primarily when it comes to my kids but I won't get ahead of myself. There will be many future posts detailing the joy a mother receives from being a spectator of her child. Nonetheless, there is something about college sports that just gets me excited. Pro leagues, in any sport, never quite measure up for me. I have a feeling the main difference lies between those who are still young and at the brink of experiencing the real world versus those playing to draw a paycheck. The passion just changes and that is okay, I just prefer one to the other.

Now for my OSU friends, I love you, but there is nothing like OU football season. And I am so ready!!! Even with the sad turn of events this week and the loss of our tight end for the opening game, I am still pumped about football.

It is such a fun time at our house during away OU football games. My husband has taught me enough about football to where I can really enjoy watching the plays develop and for the most part understand what the players and coaches are trying to accomplish. That being said...I have never played football so where I can understand a lot of the lingo such as "They are lined up in an I-formation"...I, by far, am no expert. The problem is, I know enough to be dangerous and that is a large problem for my sixteen year old son who has been raised on football and has played the sport for most of his life. Where I gladly admit, I can't always see the "whole picture" as my husband and son can; there is a large part of me that doesn't care. Frankly, while in the heat of watching a play unfold, I might tend to get a bit vocal about the fact that I am absolutely certain of the missed interference call or the very obvious holding that was just ignored by the officials. This of course, for whatever reason goes all over Caleb. It drives him crazy..."Mom! He barely pushed off of him." or "That was not holding, mom...geez". In the end, I am just thankful to have a wonderful family who gets to enjoy this pastime together and cheer for our favorite team or disagree about penality calls regardless if they are valid or not. Of course, Ashtyn - my almost 14 year old daughter, usually will be found on the computer or at that mall but we will keep praying that one day she will see the light and understand there is nothing better than watching Sooner football on a cool autumn day whether we're at the stadium or having a watch party at our house. I just simply love Fall and OU football!


  1. Who cares what you know, I'm just happy you are there....

  2. hey're blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? yippee!!!!

  3. p.s. YOU'RE RIGHT!!!! there is NOTHING like OU football...dan and i went to both schools...i can account for the truth!!! : ) love you...boomer sooner!....go pokes!!!!