Friday, October 9, 2009


My daughter's birthday is coming up and since I am trying to teach myself more about the digital world, I decided I would make her invitations. Doing so without taking into consideration that our tastes are not even close to being the same, needless to say, has been a trying task. You know the look?... The one where her face is all scrunched up and she says "well, I do like it...I mean it is okay..." For real, this is the third one I have started for you and before I can even type in words your already out on it? "well...I don't like the sparkly thingy". Of course, in my opinion the sparkly thingy makes the whole thing all the more better and as I try to explain this to my all wise daughter, she very sadly shakes her head and gives me the other look that says I am seriously out of touch. So here are some examples of what I came up with...

I do think she gets sick of always having her birthday associated with Halloween/Fall...and I understand, that would get old but it is so fun to decorate with. And the funny thing is that I don't decorate for Halloween in my house...ever. I do decorate for Fall and I just love Fall decorations but in the past we have had Halloween parties where we have carved pumpkins and went to haunted houses and there is so much to do by way of candy, decorations, etc. But I do think she is getting worn out with this theme, so the above invite was vetoed. And may I add that the "Eat, drink and be scary" got no less than 7 eye rolls...teenagers!

So this one was my favorite! I loved all the colors and textures...I even covered the screen with my hands when she came to look...nervous because I really loved it. Ok...the big reveal..."isn't it cool, Ash"..."don't you love it"? Face scrunching..."yeah mom...I like it...but why do those thingy's have to be on there...?" and "Mom, do you really think those colors match with each other?" Sigh...

Well the good news is she did decide on one and here it is!

And with it all said and done...I think she is just getting older and ready for more grown-up type stuff which is exciting and sad all in the same thought.


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  2. I'm sure anything that our moms made for us we LoVeD!! LOL!! NoT!! They are all cute! I love your daughter...she is so fun! Just like you!

  3. oh kristy!!! you did a WONDERFUL JOB!!! i like 'em all...that first one is my, drink and be scary..ha ha ha!!! i've never heard that! i'm so out of it...anyway...awesome ideas! i will be calling you in a few years when anna is twelve...and then each year thereafter... ; ) love you!!!!