Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quiet Rain

The sound of rain falling while sitting in a quiet house is one of my most favorite things. Since Dave has taken Ashtyn to find some new "pimped out" basketball shoes (thanks gma & gpa), I am at home finishing what will most definitely be a yummy dinner. Pork loin with mushroom gravy (i.e., cream of mushroom soup), mashed potatoes, mixed veggies and homemade buttermilk biscuits. they are from a mix but anything that I have to knead, roll out and cut, constitutes "homemade". And I just love the quiet and rain sounds that are just making my soul feel good right now. When you have two teenagers as well as 4200 different ESPN type channels, the quiet is something that can be lacking. So, I am gonna get my current Luanne Rice read...and enjoy the quiet and rain for just a bit longer until my husband and daughter rush in with their bags and stories of the weird people they witnessed at the mall and my son comes home from whichever girl he is currently visiting. At which point, we will enjoy a good dinner and stories of the day and I will be thankful for the noise again.


  1. oh....i think you will cherish these words for years to come...i love this's my favorite of all your posts so far!!! i felt like i was sitting there with you...bless you!!!

  2. I am just so glad we are such an encouragement to me!!! Love ya!