Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashtyn!

So today is my baby's 14th birthday and can I tell you that the past couple of years have just not been the best birthdays for her. Last year, Dave and I had to leave the day before to go to Tulsa because my dad had been rushed into emergency surgery and the prognosis was not good. Ashtyn woke up on her birthday last year in our neighbors house (bless their wonderful souls) orphaned by her parents on her most special day of the year.

And this year has now proven to be even worse for her. About a year and a half ago, she had to have a root canal done on one of her back molars which was really sad at the time but once you have it done, everything should be good...right? Wrong!! Ashtyn came home Saturday from Stillwater in extreme pain and basically spent all of Sunday trying to get by until we could get to the dentist first thing Monday morning. And can I just tell you that I did not know root canals could fail but they can and hers did. SO, after seeing two dentists yesterday and being in tears most of the day and night, she got into the endodontist this morning, her birthday! Once in the consultation, we found out that the infection was so bad that she is going to have to have the tooth pulled due to bone loss and eventually an implant put in. (Heed my warning...do not use cookie cutter dental offices!!

And remembering holding onto this tiny little creature fourteen years ago, who I knew I would move heaven and earth for in order to make sure she would not know a day of pain, reminds me that through the years, not much changes. The radar still goes off the charts and the momma claws come out when I see her flinch, even though I know she is fully capable of letting the dentist know if she is hurting...that simply does not matter when you are a momma! Just as it was when I took her home from the hospital, so small and fragile and dressed in as much pink as I could possibly layer her in. She will ALWAYS be my child and I will ALWAYS be her momma.
For those of you who know Ashtyn, you understand what a blessing she is to be around. The child is one of the most funniest people I have ever known. You cannot be around her for long before a smile is present on your face. Not to say that she never has bad moments...all teenagers do but I do not know anyone who can let things roll off their shoulders the way this girl does. And the best part of all is that she loves Jesus and it is so evident in her life. I take for granted the blessing she is all too often!! Life passes by so quickly and I just thank the Creator that He allowed me to be this sweet-precious-beautiful inside and out-girl's momma!!! Happy Birthday Ashtyn!!


  1. What a great girl you have!! Happy Birthday Ashton!! You are an amazing mom!!

  2. well...WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GIRL SHE IS!!! omg...i'm loving the close-up!!! hope her birthday got better...she's blessed to have you as a mother!!

  3. Thank you guys! She is better now and back to her normal silly self :o) So glad for that!