Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Blindside

Okay - so I guess I am just a movie review blogger now but I had to take a short minute to write about such a wonderful movie. And wonderful it was...when I heard all the talk about Sandra Bullock being nominated for awards...I was like yeah yeah...whatever - but I can tell you my friends, she does a superb job! What a great, feel-good movie...it wasn't too sad (although my heart tugged at the thought that this was based on a true story and what that meant in relation to where this boy came from) and it definitely had great moments where I truly found myself belly laughing. On so many occasions, I was thinking...that is exactly how I would have handled that if it were I in this mom's position...the funny thing is that after the movie, Dave said that he thought of me in a lot of her actions...I won't ponder on that for too long :o) I just identified so much with this strong woman who refused to idly sit by when it came to making sure her kids needs were met. The parallels did not just stop with myself...my husband also related so much with Tim McGraw's character which when watching the movie and the "football" game, it was like someone was acting out our lives. We laughed for a long, long time after the movie just about that one scene...because I can tell you...there are many times where I wished I had certain resources available to me as she did in this scene (how is that for vague so as to not ruin it for you :o) ...and many times my husband would like to do nothing more than to put a harness on my sometimes too emotion-driven actions. So so fun!! If you have not seen it, please take your family - I promise it to be one of the best movies you have seen in a good long while. (disclaimer: there is one 3 letter curse word that is used...but momma Touhy is very quick to correct the behavior :o)

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  1. THanks for the review Kristy! We are planning on seeing it and I wanted to make sure it was good before we drop the money for it! I love you and I am soo thankful for you!