Friday, December 4, 2009

Get there!!

Have you ever faced something that you dreaded and wished so desperately you could change? I was thinking about things we experience on earth and how many of those things we so adamantly fight against...not understanding that they can become the very things that eventually set us free from our worldly chains.

I also sometimes wonder about Jesus and how it must of been for Him when thinking about what His future held and more specifically having to endure the cross. When He knew what was to come...the pain...the heartache...the aloneness. What were his thoughts? In those weeks before, did he wake up during the night in a cold sweat thinking about what was to come...did He sleep at all? Did he constantly try to figure out ways he could possibly make things different so it didn't have to end that way? Were His days constantly consumed with thoughts of what He was to face...rolling over and over in His mind? I think it is safe to say, He probably had a hard time when thinking about the cross and what was to come. Yet, He didn't change it! Even though he pleaded with God, asking if there was another way, the answer remained. He chose to walk the path that lead to great suffering and eventually His death.

I think we sometimes want God to show us the path He wants us to be on but only if it fits in with our agenda. If it doesn't, then all of the sudden we want the control back and to be the one navigating again. I think we are so limited in our sight of the future that we fight the very thing that He is trying to orchestrate in order to bring us peace. I am glad that Jesus did not try to take over and veer away from God's plan. The funny thing is that if anyone would have been Him. All He had to do was call out for the angels to take Him away from all the pain...heartache...aloneness! But He knew that we all would need His sacrifice in order to see Heaven. He knew that He would have to be our Savior if there was any hope for any of us. I am so grateful that he saw the storm coming but chose to continue on in spite of the pain it would bring. I pray that I can also have the strength to march headfirst into the storm and completely trust God's will in spite of my fears~to know His plans are laid out for me and in the end it is all about spending eternity with Him!! Not so much about the easiest path that leads me there...but that I do get there!!

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