Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas evolution...

When you look back on Christmas seasons of your life...isn't it funny how much it evolves. From when you were a child and couldn't sleep because you just knew you were hearing the tinkling of sleigh bells...to when you were a bit older and even though you were suppose to be big and grown up...somehow the excitement of Christmas would still sneak in...and affect even the coolest teenage heart?

Then comes the years when you first become independent and able to purchase your own gifts with the money you earn and begin to really start to see the bigger picture and what it means to give to others and bring joy through simple gifts. How awesome that felt...

The first Christmas with your spouse when you are so excited for them to see what you found them...them opening the horrific sweater you bought them and smiling like it was the best thing they had ever received. Such a sport... :o)

And probably the best years of Christmas that I have and will ever experience have been those with my children. As they get older the excitement is still there but it is changing each year. They are growing up and even though there is still eagerness to find out what is in those boxes under the tree, some of the awe fades away each year. Which does make my heart heavy but at the same time understanding that we are making new traditions that could not be shared when they were younger. And no matter how old they are, we can still watch Rudolph and Frosty at least one time during the season. Of course, the preference now is to sit down and crack up at the Griswalds together which is just fine with me.

And even though the true meaning of Christmas can become overshadowed to the point of sadness...I love the act of giving to one another!! And I am so thankful for all the blessings God has given me throughout these many Christmas seasons I had been able to experience so far!!

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  1. I love you my friend! Are you coming to O town for Christmas??