Monday, December 28, 2009


Okay - so here's the spread of baked goods and let me tell ya, I don't even want to think about the calories involved concerning the necessary taste testing :o)

Why oh why can't I just graze to my heart's content without having to buy new pants...well, I digress! The funny thing for me about baking is that even though I do taste test (for fear of delivering yucky icky food as a representation of my culinary aptitude :o) whatever!!) I am not a big eater of what I make afterwards...I think it is just too much...I am sick of it by the time it is done. Well that is aside from fudge, of course!! Fudge is my absolute weakness and I do make a mean fudge if I do say so myself. But of course as things get harried and I am rushing to get things done, I took a short cut this year and doubled my the way...that doesn't work well with fudge and this year it did not sit up the way it should. It still tasted heavenly but unless it was kept in the frig...quickly got pretty soft. So of course, I had to make another batch after the Christmas hullabaloo settled...peanut butter this time...just to prove that I am still more than capable of making really yummy fudge!! And so now I am stuck with a whole platter of divine tasting sin on a plate! (can something be divine but sinful...I don't think so! anyways...) That is all I can say about it! Please come over and help me eat it or I may just expand 10 sizes by New Years!! Okay...well back to topic...

This a close up of some of the fun that included toffee (ok - so that is really a weakness too...I forgot...really I did), fudge, coconut bon bons (tasted like a mounds...melt in your good! Of course...that all comes from the taste testing...not because I actually ate one...okay so maybe I ate one! gesh!!) The plates were fun but very flimsy...oh well...pretty is more important that functionality...right? We also had Christmas candy, chocolate chip cookies and oreo bon bons (absolute heaven!!! not that I tried one!) oh and peanut clusters!

So here is the finished product and I hope all our neighbors enjoyed...I wished I could send a plate to everyone!!!


  1. Yummy! Wish I lived close enough to get a plate too! I bought some plates from Hobby Lobby that were square like that also..they were flimsy also.. but soo cute!! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! love you!