Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thanks for the help Leb!!!

I have to include the pics of Caleb helping me this year...he actually helped make a couple things...peanut clusters and the oreo bon bons.

Can I tell you that I could not get one picture of him being serious...he is 16 (almost 17 now :o( ) and he makes me insane sometimes! ...asking him in my most desperate and sad voice..."please just one good picture?"... "sure mom this one will be good"...snap....Caleeebbbbbaaa!!!

Oh well now we can just laugh at him :o) silly boy who I am most grateful to for the help since this is no where close to his "thing" :o)

Such hard work...

This year I used the Great Value brand of oreos and ... no difference ... tasted just as wonderful! So I've heard anyway :o)

Oh oooooh so amazing!!! Thanks Leb!!

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  1. I have teenage and college age sons and they are all dorks!

    Wow that oreo recipe looks yummy, Kim