Sunday, January 17, 2010

Customizing Blogger! Arrggghhhh!!

Anytime I learn something new...there is a great portion of time spent feeling less than real smart. And of course...since I am too cheap to buy a book about HTML code and learning it the easy way (if there is really an easy way)...most of my time has been spent using the trial and error approach...which A) makes me tired and B) makes me tired. I have learned that I just have to get up and walk away for a little while and try again later and repeat the process until it becomes second nature. The problem is that I am trying to become an expert at PSE and digital design while mastering my new dslr camera....maybe it would be better to just settle for adequate in each category...?? So as I try to learn all the tricks and tips, please excuse the not so perfect my family really would like it if I at least prepared one meal for them today :o)

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