Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello! Remember your memory card!

So I have spent the last several weeks reading every photograpy/photoshop book I can get my hands on as well as journaling all the neat finds in my carry-around friendly brain is overloaded with perfect exposure information...f-stops, shutter speed, and iso's are leaking out my ears as my brain is just mush. But I am so excited at the amount of information I have learned and am ready to put it into practice outside of my livingroom and back yard. (I can only take so many pictures of my scottie and yorkie. Not to mention, their laying around ways while looking up at me like "Really?? you're in my face again with that black let me turn around and show you my behind" just doesn't make for great pics! Please take my word on this as I have taken like 576 shots of this scene...I am now an expert on the subject!)

So today, I packed all my fun stuff up and drove to Norman, thinking I would play around on campus and see if I could put some of this brain cramming into practice...only to get there...drag everything out and snap my first pic. Anticipating a great skyline including the football stadium pressbox...what I saw was the words "no card" displayed across my lcd screen. Nice... Where oh where you might ask was my memory card ...plugged in all nice and cozy in the home. Way to be prepared!! Well I guess from now on I will make sure that I actually have my card with the rest of the stuff I am dragging all over the countryside in order to not do this again. Sometimes these little learning experiences are beneficial on down the road. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! :o)

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