Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I am just sooo excited!!!

Back in my younger (i.e., poorer) husband and I saved and saved...had to use money for some crisis or saved and saved again and then saved some more...well you get it...and finally purchased a Canon Rebel 35mm camera. Now mind you...this was well before the digital age but my kiddos were babies and I had just got into this new "scrapbooking" thing so.... keep in mind, I was also a stay at home mom at the time and so basically taking pics of said kiddos was my primary goal in life. While achieving my life's goal at the time in a most awesome fashion, and also attending OU football games, it became quickly apparent that a telephoto lens was a must! Thus the saving process commenced once more until I was able to purchase the awesome up to 300mm telephoto lens for my wonderful, then attached, extra appendage.

Fast forward many years later! Digital cameras are the only way to be in this technological era and my poor Canon Rebel has pined away in a dusty cabinet while a cheap point and shoot digital camera has taken it's place. Main reasons being 1) well its not digital 2) the amount of money that was spent on the original camera and lenses made me so sick that I just couldn't go through the process again and 3) I just hadn't taken the time to research...

One of my friends was just blogging about photography and having envy over seeing others' lenses...I hear you sister and I am so with you!! They are so expensive but so wonderful to have which is one of the biggest reasons why I have ademently refused to look at buying a new camera...and thus feeling cheated since I couldn't buy all of it at once. (Cheated...since even the most basic DSLR would be leaps and bounds above my point and shoot...I don't know how my mind reasons stuff out but somehow it gets to these beliefs in which upon later reflection I have no clue...anywho)

...all this of course precludes finding out one tiny little fact that has just changed my whole perspective overnight!! And the sad thing is, many of you probably already knew it...but for me...I just missed the boat completely! All of my canon lenses that I scrimped and saved for work with the new digital cameras!!!! WHAT DID YOU SAY??? Oh yes! It is true and I have been living underground in a cave for the past how many years??!!

So since I just happen to have two amazon gift cards given to us at Christmas and with my husband most graciously donating his half to the cause, we just purchased a "body only" (since all my lenses still work)new Canon Rebel digital camera and it will be shipping by Jan 7th or 8th!!

Can I just tell you that I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas? I can't hardly's seriously gonna kill me!! I am so excited to be able to take basketball pictures in a gym and actually have them be light enough to see faces and catch actions...okay well...I have to stop because I can just go on and on but just be warned that pictures are to come and add to that the whole deal of learning Photoshop...well there just simply is no words! Well there are...but I promise I'll stop!! It's the excitement!!!


  1. Yippee skippy!! I am soo excited for you! See...the blog world paid off...tell Dave he can pay me the difference...LOL!! Let me know how much you love your camera when you get it!
    God is soo good!