Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Audio Book Snob

Well I just have to confess something...running snobs really annoy know the ones who always preach about how people who listen to music while running are not really serious runners... I say...if you are off your couch and in a upright position and burning some or are running or jogging at the very least. So with that being said, I now have to confess that I have been a running snob too...yep, I am and I feel really small about the fact that I too have turned up my noise at those who have talked about listening to audio books while running.

So my scrunched up nose wasn't due to the fact that I thought by listening to audio books they were non-runners...just that I couldn't fathom not having the bump bump beep beep music blaring in my ears in order for me to move one foot in front of the other. I mean unless I have music so loud that my mind can't hear itself screaming "Stop right now or else I am killing over"...well it just doesn't happen for me. At a time when I am regularly running 4 to 5 miles multiple times a week (which is still not quite back in my grasp at the moment...but April marathon is coming...not that I'm running a marathon but I promised to run a leg so my excuses time is over...) you take away my music and I may get a is a major crutch for me...probably why I am so sensitive to those "running purists"..."listen to the sound of your feet striking the pavement"...for real??? gack!

Well tonight I listened to my first audio book while on the treadmill because the weather is really not fun right now...and guess what...okay, I will tell you ...I could have ran for hours! I didn't even think about my wheezing/heart attack-waiting-to-happen-self because I was so into the book. Awesome huh? Okay so I will give it a week and see if I am still in love with audio book running but I am excited as of right now. And what's even can download them from your local library for...FREE...not even kidding! So I do apologize to all those who I previously thought were so had the right idea!!!

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